Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Epicor Identity Provider?
    Cybersecurity threats can compromise user credentials, so many companies choose to implement strong IT security measures. Epicor Identity Provider (IdP) is centralized single sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) service provided by Epicor to help organizations regulate, control, secure, and streamline the way users access Epicor products and customer portals.

  • Which Epicor products and Epicor Customer Portals support Epicor IdP?
    • Products - At this time only limited products are supported as Epicor Identity is rolled out in phases across the Epicor product portfolio. You may only use Epicor IdP for supported products if your company has licensed this service and your designated Epicor Application Administrator has enabled it for you. If you are an Epicor Application Administrator and you have questions about which products are enabled, please contact your Epicor customer account manager.
    • Customer Portals - The Epicor customer portals that support Epicor IdP include EpicCare, Epicor Learning Center, Epicor Ideas, and EpicWeb. You may use Epicor IdP if you have existing rights to access these customer portals and you successfully register as a new user.

  • How do I register as a new user?
    There are two ways to register as a new user. You can self-register with your account number, or your company’s Epicor Application Administrator can submit registration for you.

  • How do I find my account number?
    There are a few ways to find your account number. They are:
    • Sign in to EpicCare (via SSO or original URL) and find it in the upper left corner
    • Sign in to EpicWeb (via SSO or original URL) and select “My Organization” from the left menu
    • Contact your company’s system administrator

  • What are the password requirements?
    Your password for your Epicor Identity account must include at least 8 characters and 3 of the following types:
    • Lowercase characters
    • Uppercase characters
    • Number
    • Special character (! " # $ % & \ ( ) * + - . , / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~)

  • I’m not receiving my password reset email. What’s up?
    The emails may be going to your junk folder, or getting blocked by your company’s network firewall. You may need to check your junk/spam folder and ask your Epicor Application Administrator about whitelisting and
    Please verify that the email address you entered is correct and check for typos. If your user email address is incorrect, you will not receive a password reset email.

Single sign on with Epicor Identity Provider

  • What is SSO with Epicor Identity?
    Epicor Identity provides a Single Sign On (SSO) service that makes it easy and secure to log in to your Epicor customer portals, including EpicCare, Epicor Learning Center, Epicor Ideas, and EpicWeb. No more juggling multiple passwords – with a single set of credentials (username and password), you can quickly sign in to the portals that you have existing rights to access. No need to keep entering your credentials either. SSO with Epicor Identity automatically authenticates you within the same session.

    If your company account enabled Epicor Identity for Epicor products, you may also use the same set of login credentials for Epicor customer portals and the enabled Epicor products.

  • Where do I go for help with SSO?
    Contact Epicor at or your company’s Epicor Application Administrator for assistance.

  • What is the future of SSO with Epicor Identity?
    Stay tuned for more information as we continue to roll out the complimentary Epicor Identity service.

  • Do I have to use SSO with Epicor Identity to access customer portals?
    No, you don’t have to use SSO with Epicor Identity for now. The usual way you log in to your customer portals still works. If you register for SSO and then decide to opt out, stop the SSO redirect by clearing the cookies in your browser and resume using the original links to Epicor customer portals.

    For your quick reference, links include:

    Epicor SSO for Epicor customer portals:

    Original URLs:

  • I have feedback for Epicor about SSO with Epicor Identity. How do I send it to Epicor?
    Customer feedback like yours is very important to us and helps shape the future of our software applications. You can send your feedback to, on EpicCare, or as an Epicor Idea.

  • Is multifactor authentication (MFA) an option for my company to sign on to our Epicor customer portals, in addition to SSO?
    Yes, users with rights to access Epicor customer portals with Epicor Identity have the option to enable multifactor authentication (MFA). However, only a company’s designated Epicor Application Administrator may request this service for your customer account. Administrators may contact Epicor at for more information.

  • Can I still login the old way on the Epicor customer portals?
    The existing method to login continues to work at this time however we encourage you to use Epicor Identity for a secure and improved way to login to Epicor portals.

  • My password expired. How do I get a new one?
    Contact Epicor at or your company’s Epicor Application Administrator to request a new password.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) with Epicor Identity

  • What is MFA with Epicor Identity?
    Epicor Identity provides a multifactor authentication (MFA) service that requires users to prove their identity by presenting two or more independent pieces of evidence. Multifactor authentication is also referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA). With Epicor Identity, the MFA service requires users to present evidence of identity using something they know (username/password) and something they have access to (email and/or Microsoft Authenticator mobile app).

    This service is available for enabled Epicor customer portals and products, but can only be set for a company’s users by the designated Epicor Application Administrator. General users cannot enable or disable their own MFA settings.

  • As an Epicor Application Administrator, I’d like employees of Epicor or other external business partners that need to access our system be required to use our company’s login settings. Is this possible?
    Currently, Epicor employees and your business partners may not have your company’s same login settings applied to their user accounts when they use their company’s email addresses to login to your system, including MFA. This is a future enhancement, so in the meantime consider creating an internal user account and local email address for the Epicor employee or your business partner to access your systems in order to apply your company’s login preferences.

  • Which settings are available for MFA?
    As a user, your MFA settings and requirements are established by your company’s Epicor Application Administrator.

  • Where do I go for help with MFA?
    Please contact your company’s Epicor Application Administrator for assistance.